Our Community:

We are a locally-owned, diverse small business with strong community ties.

Specialties, Inc. was born in Washington, D.C. in 1984.  We've always been headquartered here, and are deeply committed to giving back to the community which we've called home for 30+ years.  In a way, diversity and social responsibility has always been at the core of our business model.  
Whenever possible, we choose to work with local design companies, imprinters, embroiderers, and courier services, most of whom are small businesses, just like us.  We also source much of our apparel from a wholesale supplier in Virginia.  

Our local network is also strengthened by our partnerships with associations that support causes near and dear to our hearts, such as Consulting Women (71% of our employees are women!).  Within our company, we celebrate diversity because we truly believe that successful creative collaboration depends not only on product expertise, but the ability to see things from a variety of perspectives.  

Contact Us

For more information on Corporate Social Responsibility at Specialties, Inc., please contact Elisabeth Sterling at 202-966-9200 or 

Non-Profit Clients:

Social responsibility is at the heart of our business model, but we don't think that's enough--

Our philosophy is simple
- We love and value our non-profit clients.  Non-profits play a vital role in society by bringing awareness to social issues and promoting justice and equality.  Our mission is to support, enhance and strengthen the work that non-profits do to help people build better lives.  Whether it's assisting with or attending fundraisers, golf tournaments, or service days, we are constantly thinking of creative ways to get involved.

We are proud to work with various non-profits in the DC area:

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