Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are promotional products, anyway?
Promotional products or advertising specialties are useful or memorable items imprinted with a company logo, seasonal slogan, or some other custom artwork. Almost every household in America has at least 5 promotional products that has been kept and used for years! Take a look around your own home - a souvenir cup, a tote bag from your favorite NPO, a t-shirt from that 10k you ran last summer...those are all promotional products that someone gave you so you would think of them every time you used the item.

Businesses often include promotional products in their marketing campaigns as give-aways. While some people think of them only as gadgets, novelties, or tchotchkes, savvy marketers realize the impact promotions have in reaching a specific target audience.  Because promotional products are tangible and useful to the recipient, they are kept long after other elements of a campaign may have been forgotten.

 What additional services do you offer? 

From concept to delivery, we're a full-service, one-stop shop. In addition to matching you up with the best promotional products to suit your needs, we can assist you with:

   Large Format and Digital Printing: We can assist you with all your printing needs for your next product launch, trade show, or event: posters, brochures, business cards, presentation folders, and more!

   Web and Logo Design: With 20+ years experience, our Design Department can help you re-vamp or design a new logo, create original artwork or assist with web solutions such as specialized e-commerce websites and company stores.

   Fulfillment Services: We offer storage, hand-assembly, and packaging solutions that are cost-effective, uniquely tailored to your needs, and can reduce your carbon footprint to boot! Through our fulfillment facility in Maryland, we can help you to formulate and execute a distribution program for your promotional products, including custom packaging and unique gift presentation ideas.
Who is your typical client? 
We believe everyone is unique, and we pride ourselves on serving an incredibly broad range of clients.

As a small business in DC, we have always been involved in local, values-driven initiatives.  We've supported numerous political campaigns in the past, and work extensively with non-profits in the areas that back social causes we're passionate about.

In our 30+ years in this business, we've expanded to serve a nationwide clientele including several major universities, national media outlets, and Fortune 500 companies, but we're proud that we've stayed grounded. We continue to provide each client, big or small, with the same high level of service and individualized attention that's helped us grow our company to what it is today.

How does Specialties, Inc. deliver the best value?
We put the same care into maintaining excellent relationships with our network of manufacturers as we do with our clients.  

We maintain open communication with them and often have early insight into the newest products, popular trends, and increased technological capabilities.  We also curate and maintain a custom database of promotional products that meet our standards -- the website is just the tip of the iceberg! Our office is like a test lab where we try out new products, test their functionality, usability, and their appeal.

Our unparalleled knowledge about the industry translates into savings for you, without sacrificing quality or time.

We enhance our corporate clients' marketing efforts by recommending promotional products that have a low cost-per-impression while effectively reaching the target audience. We can continue to add value to your organization by helping you plan and creative team-building and employee appreciation programs, beginning with memorable giveaways that are sure to be appreciated!

Our individual clients come to us for fun gift and party favor ideas, creative packaging solutions, as well as design help. From inexpensive mementos or souvenirs that bring a smile to your face, to upscale traditional gifts that will stand the test of time, you don't need to be a large corporate marketing department to understand that the world of promotional products is fun!!

Here at Specialties, Inc., we understand the personal connection--and delivering a personal connection is really what promotional products are all about.  We care about the friends and family we do business for, and we're here to problem-solve with you.  Brainstorm your next project with us at, or browse around for ideas by using the Product Search at the top of the page --have fun!
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